Annnnnd finished. Or at least to a point. One day I'll put more highlights and textures on it.. but for now, this is as good as it's gonna get.

Little Miss Muffet Illustration


For Narrative Illustration I had to design three images to tell a story. I picked Little Miss Muffet. Here is the first Illustration.

Little Miss Muffet 


I did a quick doodle before I went to bed tonight. It's been a year since my cousin died unexpectedly and I drew a little Wonder Woman to commemorate her. I didn't know her very well. She was a little older than me but I do remember that whenever she was around everything got a lot more funny and exciting.


In Narrative Illustration our assignment was do Fan Art, yes, I was as surprised as you. I'm not a fan of many things, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the Harry Potter series. Without Harry Potter I wouldn't still believe in that magic that childhood revolves around. I choose to paint Luna because she's one of my all time favorite characters (besides Snape). Here she is in all her glory.

Luna Lovegood fan art         painted in gouache


Ninja Turtle Time

This is a baby ninja turtle. I painted it in photoshop and had an enjoyable time doing so. It was a nice break from having to do backgrounds and just do a character. I actually watched TMNT for the first time in my life in order to do a little research before starting this project. It is a strange show. Maybe you have to be a young boy to appreciate it. But besides all that... enjoy!

Baby Donatello 


Ladybug Ladybug fly away home,
your house is on fire
your children have gone
all except one and that's little Ann
whose hiding beneath the frying pan

This was my first time painting with gouache and I have to say, I actually really really liked it. It's similar to acrylics but not so plasticy feeling. It layers really nicely. It gets really really bright and very dark which I liked. So far I'm loving this semester. 


There's a caricature contest page on Facebook that I'm a part of. This weeks challenge was Robert Smith. Here's my rendition.


Our final assignment was to apply what we learned in class to a truth about tobacco contest where we created a monster that illustrated one of the facts about tobacco use. 

So here's my scary monster...


This is for the Fantasy Land assignment in my digital painting class. we had to use a combination of texture and image hose. It was pretty fun... most of the time :)


I'm taking a summer digital painting class taught by the great and powerful Don Seegmiller! Here is the start to my little alien. I think she's pretty adorable.

Hopefully She'll get better as I work on her. I think it's a pretty alright start. 


Here's a little I-love-not-having-homework sketch. 

Enjoy! (I did)


Finally finals week. Here are two projects I just finished.


Sorry I haven't posted in for forever. But I'm going to try to just post my homework assignments I finish regularly. Hopefully you find them fun to look at and fulfilling. Here are two caricatures I did today. I'm supposed to do three more but I'm not sure i'll get around to them today. So enjoy these ones for now.