Finals are OVER!!

......Now if you excuse me, I'll be in my tree house.....


I forgot to post the picture I made for my cousin Megan's baby shower. So I will do that now.


Trick or Treat!

Today I finally sat down and practiced my digital painting. I like to blame my laziness on pregnancy, but I think I might just be lazy... which is unfortunate. Here it is all the same. And like always, enjoy.


On Thursday I was really missing the rain. So I started sketching a little girl waiting in her rain coat for the rain to come. I just finished and I think I must have some type of power because right around when I finished the weather started getting greyer and cloudy. So here is the little girl that made the rain come.


Hello people that read this, it's me again! After taking the advice and critiques of my trusted illustration friends I now present to you my first finished digital painting. I discovered a lot while creating this. One, I need to  use layers more. Two, I need to pay attention to how depth affects color, and three, that sharp edges make all the difference. Anyway, here it is! with many more to follow.

p.s. thanks for following me :)


Back in July I decided to venture my way into trying out Digital Painting, so like a good little artist I went online and bought the cheapest stylus out there with the intention of starting to paint as soon as possible. My tablet came in the mail three days later and so I began, getting discouraged quickly I decided to take a break and do what I do best, read Harry Potter. After rereading all seven Harry Potter books again I now have no excuse to keep putting this off. So here is my first attempt at digital painting. I will post a revised version soon once I get enough feedback from my artist buddies. Enjoy.


Hello my lovely blog followers. I'm BAAACK! And you thought I had given up. Silly you. I have decided to continue to blog. Here is a sketch I did, inspired by my dear sister Lindsey. It's just a sketch. One of these days I will figure out how to digital paint and post some of those gems on here, but alas, so far the only thing I've figured out about digital painting is what not to do. But I feel like I'm slowly getting the hang of it, so just be patient and deal with my lowly sketches for the time being.

When having too much to do, makes you drop everything to stare at the wall.


Today is the day I have finally gotten around to creating and posting in my blog. This will mainly be about me experimenting with different styles and really trying to figure out what direction I want to go with my art. Think of it as my online sketchbook. I am happy to invite you along this strange journey with me. Here is a little drawing inspired by working as a lab assistant, which actually relates to every job I've ever had, I was a bit annoyed today if you couldn't tell...
Sometimes people don't care when you have to clean up their shit.