Illustration Friday: Disguise

This assignment was a struggle. We were given a celebrity's name and had to do a caricature of them while incorporating the word of the week. My celebrity was Rainn Wilson (so of course I did Dwight Schrute) and the word was disguise. Having to disguise a caricature is a pretty difficult task. Hopefully this solution is viewed as creative and not me weaseling my way out of doing something complicated :)


Illustration Friday: The Beginning of a Lie

The word assignment for Illustration Friday was 'Beginning'. The assignment in class was to make our illustration look like woodcut or scratchboard. I'm actually really pleased with the way this one turned out. Enjoy!

The Beginning of a Lie


I.F. Searching for Spring

For Illustration Friday the word was 'Search'. For our assignment we had to do a high key illustration. Which means the darkest dark is about a mid-grey value. It was a challenge but also taught me a lot. Here it is.. enjoy!

Searching for Spring!


Young Owl

This was an Illustration I did for my first assignment in Digital Painting II and Illustration Friday. Jim Madsen is my Professor for this class and I can't tell you how excited I am that I'll be learning from one of the best this semester.

"With time comes wisdom"