Monogram Motifs

Here are a few examples of the first set of monograms I've ever created. It was a blast making my own alphabet. The letters I chose to share with you are my top favorites. Not my favorite letters of the alphabet, my favorite designs. As always.. enjoy! 


Intricate Cut Quotes

I've now been working at Cricut for almost a year now and my first cartridge has been released! It's called Intricate Cut Quotes. Below are my top five favorites from the set of 30 I created. If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, you can look at Cricut's website http://us.cricut.com/home/. Basically it's a machine that can cut anything, as thin as vinyl up to something thick like leather, into whatever design you want it to. I prefer paper. The focus of this image set was different phrases inside an intricate design. I love my job.


Pretty Darling

I haven't really had very much personal time to work on anything lately between my new job, kids and life. But I finally got around to drawing this little girl just for me!